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December 5, 2022
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The core component of optical gas imaging camera is an infrared detector. Global Sensor Technology (GST) has mastered a full set of infrared detector development technology.


Based on years of technical experience, it has provided customers with thermal imaging modules and infrared camera cores which reduce development difficulty and save development cycles, so that industrial customers and integrators could build their own thermal camera for gas leak detection.


The following are various optical gas imaging solutions based on GST thermal imaging detectors, thermal camera modules and infrared camera cores.


1. Development Based on Infrared Thermal Detector

Infrared radiation is focused on the infrared detector through infrared optical lens, and the detector converts the radiation signal into an electrical signal, which is then processed by the signal processing circuit and image algorithm to form a gas thermal image on the display. Finally, the control component, power supply and outer shell are added, and the terminal application software is equipped to form a gas leak detection thermal imager.


2. Development Based on Thermal Module

The infrared camera module packs the infrared optical lens, infrared detector, signal processing circuit and image algorithm into a basic imaging component. Customers only need to configure the display, control component, power supply, housing and terminal application software to obtain a complete gas leak detection thermal imager.


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