Thermal Imaging Solution for ADAS

April 13, 2022
Latest company news about Thermal Imaging Solution for ADAS

With the development of automobile industry, Camera, Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging), LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) have been the mainstream applications in the Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS).


As the road traffic problem becomes more complex, traditional sensors have been unable to meet the increasing demands for driving due to the uncertain road traffic status and flow of people and cars.


The camera doesn’t work when encountering glare from the opposite car, and Radar is difficult to identify pedestrians, while the Lidar that can recognize pedestrians can effectively cover only 50m or lower distance in front of the vehicle, 50m is not enough for high speed safety.


That’s why a new infrared thermal imaging technology comes into being to make up for the deficiencies of the traditional sensors.


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Global Sensor Technology (GST) provides a set of infrared thermal imaging solution for the Advanced Driver Assistant System. The infrared detectors and thermal imaging modules developed by GST have been widely used in the advanced driver assistant systems, such as driving monitoring, early warning, vision enhancement.


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All-weather Applications

The infrared band is longer than the visible light, so its action distance is several times that of the visible light. With thermal imaging technology, the driver’s visual distance is far beyond the reach of vehicles' headlights, even in total darkness or low light conditions such as such as rain, snow, fog and dust.


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Without Influence of Lights

The vehicle-mounted infrared assistant system is not affected by environmental light, such as high beams, strong lights and other external glare, which strongly offsets the interference of strong light and greatly improves the safety of driving.



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Living Creatures Detection

By detecting the thermal radiation emitted by living creatures, the vehicle-mounted infrared assistant system can quickly distinguish living creatures on the road so that improve the perception rate of pedestrians and animals.


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