Advantages of Optical Gas Imaging

December 5, 2022
Latest company news about Advantages of Optical Gas Imaging

With the continuous development of economy and society, flammable, explosive and toxic gases have been widely present in every corner of social life as products, raw materials or by-products of industrial production.


Once these gases leak, they will not only pollute the environment, but may also cause poisoning, fire or even explosion accidents, seriously endangering people's lives and property safety.


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To prevent serious accidents, it is urgent to detect the existence of gas leakage, locate the leakage source, evaluate gas distribution and diffusion trend.


1. Deficiency of conventional gas leak detection


- Intrusive detection: in order to detect gas leakage, the production line has to be suspended which delays working hours and may damage normal devices

- Short effective distance: close to explosive and toxic areas or in places which are difficult to reach, threatening the safety of operators

- Uneasy to carry: the heavy equipment is inconvenient to carry. The test results cannot be obtained on site, which is not conducive to environmental supervision spot checks or timely repair of leaks

- Abstract analysis results: the amount of measurement data is huge, and it is difficult to organize and analyze

- Limited gas detection types: a few gas types can be detected, and multiple instruments are required

- Small coverage area: point-like or linear areas are checked one by one. A lot of time is spent on the detection of non-leakage points, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Missing detection may also occur in blind areas, causing safety hazards


2. Advantages of Optical Gas Imaging


- Time-saving & efficient: support large-scale real-time detection, rapid leak location, no need for interrupting production

- Long range detection: away from dangerous and complex areas, non-contact non-destructive testing, without additional radiation source

- Easy to analyze: intuitive imaging, instant storage, convenient analysis

- Multi-function inspection: a variety of gases can be detected, with excellent remote temperature measurement function




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