Application of Infrared Technology in Substation Field

September 21, 2023
Latest company news about Application of Infrared Technology in Substation Field

Infrared technology plays an important role in the field of substations. As a non-destructive, non-contact, and efficient detection method, infrared technology can provide fast, accurate fault detection and preventive maintenance for substation equipment, improving the safety, reliability, and operational efficiency of the substations. This article will focus on the application of infrared technology in substations, including its specific advantages and case studies.


Firstly, the main application of infrared technology in substations is detecting abnormal equipment temperatures. Substation equipment generates heat during operation, and if there are equipment malfunctions or poor electrical contacts, it can lead to localized temperature increases. By using infrared technology, abnormal heat patterns such as high temperatures, overheating, and poor electrical contacts can be detected in a timely manner, thus avoiding equipment damage or even fire accidents. Through infrared technology, personnel can conduct quick inspections of the entire substation, identify problems, and take appropriate repair measures.


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Secondly, thermal imaging technology based on infrared detectors can be used for measuring and monitoring equipment temperatures in substations. By using infrared thermal imaging technology, real-time temperature distribution on equipment surfaces can be obtained, and thermal images can be generated. These data provide detailed information about the operating status of the equipment, helping electrical engineers assess the equipment’s workload, thermal balance, and stability. By analyzing temperature data, potential faults can be predicted, and preventive measures can be taken to improve the reliability and operational efficiency of substation equipment.


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Infrared technology in the field of substations has the following advantages. Firstly, it enables non-contact and rapid detection, eliminating the need for power outage or equipment disassembly and saving a significant amount of time and labor costs. Secondly, infrared thermal imaging technology can be used for detection in all weather conditions and various environments, unaffected by lighting and visual limitations, thus offering higher reliability and adaptability. Additionally, infrared thermal imaging technology is becoming more affordable, and the instruments are increasingly compact and portable, with simpler operation.


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Infrared core module developed by Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd has been widely used in substation equipment detection. The company has developed several types of infrared camera cores such as COIN/TWIN/PLUG series, as well as iGS non-shutter and iTL ultra-miniature infrared camera modules, which facilitate quick integration into infrared thermal imaging end-user devices.




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