Application of Infrared Technology in Law Enforcement

September 21, 2023
Latest company news about Application of Infrared Technology in Law Enforcement

The introduction of infrared thermal imaging technology into law enforcement equipment can effectively enhance the ability to respond to emergencies, improve public safety, and enhance the sense of security. Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd (GSTiR) specializes in the production of infrared detectors and thermal modules. Equipped with GSTiR infrared detectors, law enforcement products based on the function of night vision and thermography have become cutting-edge equipment in the field of public safety. They have three major advantages:


-Overcoming visual obstacles: execute tasks at night and in harsh weather conditions such as fog, haze, and dust.

-Taking proactive measures: enhance 24/7 law enforcement capabilities and anti-camouflage abilities.

-Flexible application: they can be installed on individuals, vehicles, helicopters, drones, etc.


Infrared technology utilizes the infrared radiation emitted by objects to generate thermal images. It is a passive detection method with good concealment, enabling the rapid detection of targets in hidden, camouflaged, and confusing backgrounds. Therefore, in the field of security surveillance, law enforcement personnel can use thermal imagers to search, track, and locate suspects under conditions of darkness, smoke, and forest cover. Criminals have nowhere to hide as the darkness reveals their actions.


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During patrols and law enforcement operations, infrared thermal imaging allows for gathering evidence. Poor visibility is a common situation in water operations, where ship-mounted radars can only determine the presence or absence of targets. Thermal imaging enables a clear view of various illegal activities such as oil spills, illegal waste dumping, illegal fishing and hunting, and smuggling on the water. Video and images captured by thermal imaging devices can be used as evidence. Additionally, vessels equipped with thermal imaging devices have enhanced capabilities for navigation in poor visibility, firefighting and rescue, and searching for personnel who have fallen overboard.


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During major disasters, the “Golden 72 Hours” of rescue operations is crucial. When trapped individuals are concealed in darkness, dense forests, or ruins, the temperature difference between their bodies and the surrounding environment is clearly displayed in infrared thermal images. This allows for rapid detection and rescuing, maximizing the chances of survival and minimizing casualties. Thermal imaging enables visibility in the darkest of nights, ensuring relentless rescue efforts.


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Thermal imaging technology plays a crucial role in safeguarding public safety. By integrating various new technologies, it empowers the building of safe cities. Equipped on drones, it assists in disaster prevention, criminal apprehension, and more efficient industrial and agricultural production. When connected to traffic management centers, it identifies blind spots and assists in autonomous driving. Integrated into “sky-eye” systems, it effectively identifies low-light and concealed targets, ensuring no escape for criminals.


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Currently, GSTiR thermal detectors and infrared camera cores developed by Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd have been integrated into various forms of law enforcement equipment such as online/portable thermal imagers, security surveillance cameras, vehicles/ships/drones/helicopters, etc. With multiple sensing capabilities, they meet emergency requirements, defending people’s lives with technology, and guarding public safety with dedication.




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