Thermal Imaging Module for Drones

April 27, 2023
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Drones equipped with infrared camera modules have a wide range of applications in mid-to-high-end industries such as security and surveillance. Infrared thermal imaging is a very useful technology, which can output clear image in total darkness and some harsh weather conditions, helping drones see farther and clearer.


For drone that is equipped with thermal imager, its key component is thermal imaging module. Thermal imaging camera converts infrared radiation into a visible image. In this way, you can create high-quality heat maps in dark or poor visibility conditions to track targets or identify changes in surface areas.


However, when choosing a suitable thermal imaging module for your products, you need to consider many aspects, such as resolution, frame rate, field of view, range, spectral range etc. Therefore, selecting the appropriate thermal imaging module is the key to ensuring high-quality images and accurate results. Among these aspects, resolution is one of the most critical factors.


During the whole process, nothing can be more important than accurate locking on the target to obtain high-quality images. GSTiR thermal imaging module provides various solutions for uav manufacturers to choose. With mature 640x512 resolution and high definition 1280x1024 resolution, drone manufacturers could choose right solutions for their drones.




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