Infrared Solutions in Substation Detection

April 27, 2023
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As the temperature gradually rises and the increasing demand for electricity, the society puts forward higher requirements for the safe and stable operation of power equipment. Infrared thermal imaging technology also promotes the development of substations by virtue of its non-contact temperature measurement and 24h all-weather work into intelligent application. Infrared technology is an infrared detection method that obtains the temperature distribution of the target surface by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by the target surface.


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During the operation of the electrical equipment in the substation, the flow and magnetic parts will cause thermal reactions, which will lead to abnormal temperature of the equipment due to failure, and even cause damage to circuit components and lead to power consumption problems.


There are usually two kinds of thermal faults in electrical equipment. One is the external heating fault and poor contact caused by the increase of resistance due to the long-term exposure of electrical connectors and other components in the air. The other is the internal solid insulation of equipment components, electrical circuit faults and insulation internal failure caused by a media problem. These problems can be located and given early warning by infrared detection equipment.


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Infrared technology is mainly used in inspection of instruments and meters, inspection of appearance defects, real-time temperature measurement of equipment, real-time diagnosis of defects, fault prediction and hidden danger investigation of electrical equipment. By aiming the infrared detection device at the device to be detected, the surface temperature distribution image of the device can be quickly obtained and early potential failure hazards will be detected. At the same time, infrared thermal imaging technology can also effectively troubleshoot problems such as equipment insulation damage, good contact or looseness.




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