Infrared Camera Core Used in Security Monitoring Application

April 27, 2023
Latest company case about Infrared Camera Core Used in Security Monitoring Application

Currently, intelligent network video monitoring systems have been widely used in many fields, especially in areas such as Safe City, Intelligent Transportation, Chain Enterprises, Safety Production, Financial Security, Computer Room, Warehouse, and other commercial value-added applications.


Public Safety: security monitoring for various places, and video monitoring for safe cities.

Production Application: monitor production order, status, warehousing, and other links.

Intelligent Transportation: road condition information monitoring, violation identification, snapshot, etc.

Home Applications: baby care, elderly care, home security, etc.

Business Applications: traffic statistics, store entry rates, attention statistics, etc.


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Due to well-known reasons, visual video camera monitoring system has poor observation results in poor lighting or completely dark conditions, and even in severe weather conditions such as rain, snow, dust, fog etc. and cannot ensure optimal results. The addition of infrared thermal imaging technology has made up for the shortcomings of this part in the security monitoring field.


Wuhan Global Sensor Technology has independently developed a thermal imaging camera core iLC212R that can be integrated into security monitoring system, which helps accelerate the popularization and application of infrared thermal imaging technology in emerging fields. The iLC212R infrared thermal module is developed based on a 256x192 resolution wafer-level thermal detector, with a compact structure and easy development and integration. It can be applied to consumer level fields such as intelligent security, intelligent elderly care, smart home, and smart hardware at a large scale and low cost.


The iLC212R infrared camera core is equipped with high-performance signal processing circuits and image processing algorithms to ensure smooth image quality of the output infrared image. It provides a variety of standard interfaces, facilitating secondary development and integration by OEM customers. The iLC212R thermal imaging module is a low-cost, standardized, professional infrared temperature measurement solution.


Optimal SWaP-C

• Reduced cost: self-developed WLP 256×192/12μm infrared detector with high annual output

• Miniature size: 21mm×21mm×12.8mm (with 3.2mm lens)

• Light weight: as low as 8.6g±1g (with 3.2mm lens)


Intelligent & Precise

• Powerful image processing algorithm: NUC, 3DNR, DNS, DRC, EE

• Non-contact temperature measurement with range of -20℃~150℃ and remarkable accuracy of ±3℃ or ±3%


Easy Integration

• Provide Windows/Linux/ARM SDK

• Various interfaces: 30pin-HRS/RS232-TTL/USB2.0/GPIO

• Digital video output: RAW/YUV/BT656


The emergence of the iLC212R infrared camera module allows infrared thermal imaging technology to quickly apply in various consumer friendly scenarios such as home/community fire and theft prevention, intelligent buildings, elderly care etc.




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