Infrared Application in Electric Car

April 27, 2023
Latest company case about Infrared Application in Electric Car

Several recent car fires have brought the safety of new energy vehicles to the forefront again. The rapid development of the new energy automobile industry has increased a large number of new technologies and new applications, which has also brought new quality and safety risks.


If the new energy vehicles are not detected in time before the use of new energy vehicles, spontaneous combustion may occur. While manual detection is complicated and dangerous. It will be a very meaningful thing if automatic and fast detection can be realized.


Based on this background, thermal imaging camera with non-destructive testing has been popular and applied to the new energy vehicles inspection.


It is self-evident that the vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging system can improve driving safety, but the application of infrared thermal imaging in the automotive field does not just include this.


Thermal imaging cameras can also detect the temperature of the car and quickly find thermal defects through visible thermal image. It has been used in the research and development, production, repair and maintenance of the car, assisting the staff to diagnose and evaluate the car, and control the hidden danger of the car at the source stage so that early detection and early treatment can be conducted.


Lithium batteries are the most mainstream energy storage devices for new energy vehicles, but the special activity of lithium ions also makes them potentially flammable. Temperature is a key performance parameter of the operating state of lithium batteries, so the temperature detection of lithium batteries is the focus of manufacturers.


Infrared thermal camera can detect the charge and discharge of the lithium battery from a long distance. The temperature value, temperature distribution and temperature rise trend of the lithium battery can be quickly and accurately presented during the charge and discharge test. Then, the abnormal temperature of the battery pack can be monitored in real time so that assist in the analysis of battery health status, improve research and development efficiency, and ensure the safety performance of lithium batteries.

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