Types of Infrared Lenses

March 15, 2023
Latest company news about Types of Infrared Lenses

Infrared lenses can be divided into the following categories according to different purposes:


Fixed focus lens

The fixed-focus lens is the simplest lens. It can only be used within a certain depth of field. Outside the depth of field, the thermal image will be blurred. Such systems are generally used under specific conditions, or when the focal length is very short and the depth of field can meet the working distance.


Manual focusing lens

By adjusting the hand wheel to change the lens position, the system has a deeper longitudinal observation range, and can adjust the image blurring caused by temperature.


Electric focusing lens

The lens is driven by the motor, so that the system has a deeper longitudinal observation range, and the image blur caused by temperature can be adjusted.


Double-field electric focusing lens

Because infrared systems often hope to detect and scan in a large field of view, while narrow fields of view can identify and aim; And because the infrared material itself is very expensive, we hope to use as few lenses as possible and the structure is simple, so the dual field of view is widely used in infrared.


Continuous zoom lens

There are many fields of view that can be switched. Users can switch fields of view at any time according to their own situation, and find the appropriate field of view to observe. The design and installation are very difficult and the cost is very high.


The infrared camera modules provided by Wuhan Global Sensor Technology can be configured with various infrared lenses to meet the different needs of users.

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