Technical Principles of Thermal Camera

February 20, 2023
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1. What is Infrared?

Any object that has a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15 degrees Celsius or 0 Kelvin) emits radiation. The infrared radiation, together with visible light, ultra-violet light, X-ray, gamma ray, cosmic ray and radio waves forms the entire spectrum of electromagnetic. Wavelength of infrared is between 0.78μm to 1000μm, it is a kind of invisible light that its wavelength is longer than red light.

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2. What is Infrared Camera?

Infrared thermal imaging system uses infrared detectors to sense infrared radiation, and convert it to electrical signals which are then amplified, processed to an image displayed.

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3. Basic Principle

Thermal imaging technology is a kind of passive, non-contact detection and recognizing technology. It has two main functions:

-Thermography: non-contact temperature measurement and fault detection

-Night Vision: easily detect and identify the target in total darkness

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4. Comparison of IR detectors


Type Cost Resolution Image Temperature Measurement Application
Pyroelectric IR Detector About 1~10 RMB/Unit Single Pitch N/A Respond to changes in ambient temperature only and no image displayed Automatic flushing toilet,
pedestrian self-sensing light
Pyroelectric IR Detector About 10~100 RMB/Unit A single pixel and small array
with the most advanced resolution of 32×32
No imaging or low-resolution imaging Temperature measurement at short distances Ear thermometer, forehead thermometer
MEMS Infrared Focal Plane Array Detector About 100~10000 RMB, based on the array size 120×90, 256×192, 640x512, 1280x1024… Clear Imaging Long-range and high accuracy temperature measurement Thermal camera, night-vision device, industrial temperature measuring tools, security monitoring, IOT, three proof phone, ADAS, forest fire prevention, etc



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