Principle & Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

January 11, 2023
Latest company news about Principle & Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

With the development of science and technology, thermal imaging technology has experienced a long development time. Infrared equipment used to be very expensive, heavy and difficult to operate. Now it is small enough to put in your pocket, and even be the same size as the USB disk so that thermal imaging technology can be applied to our daily life and affordable to ordinary consumers.


What is infrared radiation?


When talking about infrared thermal imaging, the first thing to think about is infrared radiation (IR). The wavelength of infrared radiation energy starts at about 700nm and extends to about 1mm. All objects emit a certain amount of heat in the form of infrared radiation, which is invisible to us, because in the entire electromagnetic spectrum, the naked eye can only see "visible light".


How does infrared thermal imager work?


The core component of the infrared equipment is the infrared thermal detector, which can sensitively detect the tiny temperature difference of the surrounding objects. Then, it collects this radiation information from the object and outputs the temperature information for imaging, which is based on the temperature difference information. The hotter the object, the more infrared radiation it produces. If the intensity is too high, you can feel it like heat.


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Now let's see how the infrared thermal imager displays the temperature information in the surrounding environment.

Generally, on the heat map display, warmer objects are displayed in yellow-orange color, which will become brighter as the object gets warmer, while cooler objects are displayed in blue or purple.


Where can I use the infrared thermal imager?


- Infrared thermal imager has a wide range of applications, as shown below:

- Infrared Detection: support all-weather 7/24 operation, non-contact temperature measurement, safe and quick identification of hot spots

- Industrial Vision: It can be used to guide processing, packaging, sorting, identify moisture/pollution/impurities or abnormal temperature, and measure heating luminous efficiency and thickness

- Building HVAC: waterproof and water leakage detection of buildings, heating and ventilation detection, etc

- Epidemic Prevention & Control: remote non-contact and accurate measurement of human body temperature, setting up a safe and efficient first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

- Gas Leakage Detection: a real-time non-contact measurement method, which can detect gas leakage in dangerous areas or areas that are difficult to access, and ensure the safety of inspectors.

- UAV Payloads: drones that are integrated with infrared thermal imaging module can quickly detect abnormal high or low temperature areas, so as to analyze whether there is oil leakage in petrochemical pipelines, and whether there is overheating risk in power lines and photovoltaic panels.


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