Medical Thermal Imaging Technology

March 6, 2023
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Thermal imaging scanning is a modern physical detection technology that uses the principle of infrared radiation photography to study the distribution of body surface temperature, also known as temperature difference imaging.


To understand the meaning of thermal imaging scanning, first we must know what thermal radiation is. Any "hot" object can radiate infrared rays even though it does not emit light. Infrared ray is also called thermal radiation and invisible to human eyes. Objects with temperature above absolute zero (- 273°) will radiate thermal rays due to their own molecular motion.


The human body is a natural source of biological infrared radiation, which can continuously radiate infrared radiation to the surroundings. The temperature distribution on the body surface of a normal human body has certain stability and characteristics. Different parts of the body have different temperatures, forming a normal body surface thermal structure.


In the medical field, thermal imaging technology can convert the invisible infrared radiation (heat energy) emitted by the human body into visible thermal images. It is a non-invasive, non-radiative, real-time, intuitive technology for observing heat distribution of the whole body.


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When a disease or functional change occurs in a certain part of the human body, the blood flow in that part will change accordingly, resulting in changes in the local calorific value of the human body. In thermal images, the calorific value is on the high side or on the low side.


Medical thermal imaging is a functional image technology that passively receives metabolic heat sources of human tissue cells. By observing the shape and intensity of heat source distribution in the human body, it can realize early screening of diseases and health assessment.




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