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December 29, 2022
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The data interface is an electrical interface used by the infrared camera to transmit image data to the host. In addition to the hardware interface, a supporting data transmission protocol specification is also required. At present, the commonly used infrared camera data interfaces include HDMI interface, Camera Link interface, USB interface, network interface and so on. The corresponding infrared camera data interface can be selected according to different needs. For example, it is more appropriate to choose network interface for surveillance cameras that need long-distance and large-scale deployment; for high frame rate, high resolution, and the transmission distance is not far, it is more appropriate to choose an infrared camera with Camera Link interface.


Camera Link is an interface standard specially proposed for digital data transmission. The electrical standard used in the interface is LVDS, which is a low-voltage differential signal. Each signal is carried by two wires, and the voltage difference is 0.35 V.


The Camera Link interface is expanded by placing chipsets in parallel, with a transmission speed exceeding 7Gbit/s, which meets the needs of scientific research and industrial fields for high-resolution, high-frame-rate image transmission, and at the same time can control image acquisition equipment. Camera Link interface cameras are specially developed for customers with large image data and high bandwidth requirements.


In the field of infrared thermal imaging technology, although the Camera Link interface is not a general-purpose interface for infrared imaging equipment, it is suitable for scientific research-grade infrared camera cores and high-end industrial-grade thermal imaging cameras, or for certain specific infrared fields such as machine vision and learning.




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