Infrared Applications for Building HVAC

December 16, 2022
Latest company news about Infrared Applications for Building HVAC

In commercial buildings, HVAC equipment plays a key role in maintaining good indoor air quality. The operating status of HVAC equipment directly affects comfort, operating costs, equipment life, etc. A small problem may cause system failure, and most problems can be easily detected by infrared cameras.


Thermal imaging is an important technology used in building HVAC maintenance and repairs. As a diagnostic and preventative tool, thermal imaging cameras can help diagnose HVAC system issues before they become significant problems, and provide vital information that can prevent lengthy and costly repairs.


Common HVAC equipment inspection and maintenance are as follows


Building thermal insulation test

The infrared thermal imaging technology can display the thermal gradient distribution of the building structure that is invisible to the naked eye. The abnormal thermal image area represents a large temperature difference between this area and the overall wall, which is largely caused by hollowing, gaps, moisture, etc. in the wall insulation layer, so that the failure of the thermal insulation layer in the house can be found in time to repair and preserve the heat in time.

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House leakage detection

Roof leakage is also a major killer of building insulation. Due to the temperature difference between water and building materials, infrared thermal imaging can show these areas with high or low heat, which usually means that there is water vapor (water seepage, mildew, etc.) left here. By finding the location of heat loss in these rooms as early as possible, it can point out the direction for later house repair.


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Floor heating fault detection

Floor heating is one of the mainstream household heating facilities nowadays. Being buried under the floor, it is often difficult to detect any fault once it occurs. With the help of infrared thermal imager, inspectors can quickly see the floor heating pipeline layout, find and locate the fault area, so as to carry out accurate maintenance and avoid unnecessary destructive excavation.

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HVAC pipeline inspection

In modern buildings, HVAC facilities become more and more popular. Since the pipeline structure is very complex, many confined spaces are difficult to reach, and daily inspection becomes difficult. Through infrared thermal imaging technology, the overall thermal gradient distribution of pipeline facilities can be controlled, abnormal areas can be found in time, and potential hazards can be eliminated, so that the normal operation of HVAC system can be guaranteed.




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