Classifications of Infrared Detectors

November 15, 2022
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Infrared radiation is invisible to human eyes. In order to detect its existence and measure its strength, we must first use infrared detector to convert it into a signal that is easy to measure.

Infrared detector is the core of thermal imaging system, and it is also the most active field of infrared technology development. The development level of infrared technology is usually marked by the development level of infrared detectors.

To get a deep understanding of infrared detectors, first we need to know its classification and development history.

There are various classification methods for the wide variety of infrared detectors, which cover as below:


NO Classification Detector Type
1 Spectral Response Short Wave Infrared
Mid Wave Infrared
Long Wave Infrared
2 Working Temperature Uncooled (Room Temperature)
Cooled (Cryogenic Temperature)
3 Structure Unite
Focal Plane Array
4 Material HgCdTe
5 Detection Mechanism F2, F4…
6 Working Principle Thermal Detector
Photon Detector
7 Pixel Size 12μm, 15μm, 25μm…




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