Is thermal image harmful to human body?

April 27, 2023
Latest company case about Is thermal image harmful to human body?

One of the most common applications of infrared cameras in human detection is temperature measurement, especially during epidemics. In addition, there are also applications in emerging fields such as health checkup.


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So, are infrared rays harmful to the human body? Many people worry about whether infrared rays are harmful to the human body like other rays. To clarify this problem, first we need to understand the principle of infrared thermal imaging.


Any object in nature with a temperature higher than absolute zero (-273°C) will radiate electromagnetic waves (infrared rays), and infrared rays will not be absorbed by atmospheric smoke clouds. Due to characteristic of infrared rays, infrared thermal camera uses the combination of applied electronic technology and computer software and infrared technology to detect and measure thermal radiation.


Infrared thermal camera passively accepts the infrared radiation emitted by the surface of objects for imaging and temperature analysis. The heat sensitive sensor obtains different heat differences, and through the processing of electronic technology and software technology, it presents images with different light and dark or color differences, which is commonly known as infrared thermal imaging, which passes the heat on the surface of the radiation source through After the calculation and conversion of thermal radiation algorithm, the conversion between thermal image and temperature is realized.


Infrared thermal imaging passively receives infrared signals from objects and is not radiative. As long as the object exceeds absolute zero (-273°C), an infrared signal will be sent out, so that the infrared signal is received by the infrared detector, and then converted into a heat distribution map. Therefore, infrared thermal camera does not emit infrared rays to the human body, but receives the infrared thermal radiation emitted by human body, so it is naturally harmless to the human body, nor will it pollute the environment.




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