Characteristics of infrared radiation

November 24, 2023
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Temperature is one of the most important parameters for determining the state of target. Its measurement and control play a very important role in scientific experiments, industrial and agricultural production etc. In particular, high temperature measurement plays an important role in aerospace, materials, energy, metallurgy and other fields.


Since infrared radiation is a non-contact temperature measurement technology, it has the following significant features:


1) Non-contact measurement

It does not need to come into contact with the inside or surface of the measured temperature field, so it can safely detect the temperature of hard-to-reach objects; it will not interfere with the state of the measured temperature field; it will not contaminate or damage the measured object; the infrared detector itself is also not damaged by temperature fields.


2) Fast temperature measurement

As long as the target's infrared radiation is received, its temperature can be determined in a short time, only a few tenths of a second.


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3) High sensitivity

As long as the temperature of the object changes slightly, the radiation energy will change greatly, which is easy to measure. It can carry out temperature measurement and temperature distribution measurement of small temperature fields; in actual use, it can achieve a temperature resolution of 0.1°C and a spatial resolution of millimeter level.


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4) Wide temperature measurement range

Because of its non-contact temperature measurement, the infrared detector is not in a higher or lower temperature field, but works at a normal temperature or under the conditions allowed by the sensor. Under normal circumstances, it can measure temperatures from tens of degrees below zero to thousands of degrees.


5) High accuracy

Infrared temperature measurement does not destroy the temperature distribution of the object itself like contact temperature measurement, so the measurement accuracy is high. The narrower the temperature measurement range of the sensor, the higher the resolution and accuracy of the output signal for monitoring the temperature, and the more accurate the temperature measurement will be; if the temperature measurement range is too wide, the temperature measurement accuracy will be reduced and the error will be larger.


6) Easy to use and long life

Portable infrared cameras are easy to carry and easy to operate, and can be used for target temperature detection in many aspects. They are widely used in equipment fault diagnosis, HVAC, railways, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, metal processing and other fields; and can be used for temperature measurement of moving or rotating objects.